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build-your-own starship sim

co-op communication & puzzles
IGF + IndieCade + G4C

networked multiplayer action/arcade

Nightmare Guardians
hero defense game by rumble games

web game by schell games

facebook game by schell games

The Iminintech Project
walkthrough experience with multi-touch floor game

March of the Matryoshkas
one-button rhythm puzzler

From Space
arcade moon defense

Hopper's Escape
kinect-like shadow tracking

Wormhole Workout
exercise bicycle as game controller

Evil Technology Center
in-game live actor

Flint Ball
audience-controlled characters

Star Dice
dice game for microsoft surface table

Gravity Defender
accelerometer-based iphone game

1st-person puzzler

Exploding Demon Bunnies vs The Eyeball Monster
zelda-esque boss fight

Thermonuclear Warfare on Catan
board game rules modification

Old Stuff

Hobbit Popper 3000
very, very old space invaders style arcade game

Addictive Poker
5-card draw poker

Cliff Montana and the Caves of Insanity
tech prototype for 2-player physics platformer with line-of-sight shadows and time reversal

gameplay prototype for competitive multiplayer tetris

Battle Chief
digital remake of old board game "battle master"