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The Iminintech Project

Sponsored by Iminin Technologies and the Entertainment Technology Center, The Iminintech Project was a two-level, walkthrough, storytelling experience created for Carnegie Mellon University's 2010 Spring Carnival. The installation featured cutting-edge immersive technology such as a custom-made interactive multi-touch floor game and an industrial motion platform. Nearly 3000 guests experienced our work during the two days we were open.

Besides constructing and theming a two-story building, we also developed from scratch a four-by-eight-foot, elevated, interactive, multi-touch floor -- essentially a giant iPad that you can stand on and play games with your feet. Two projectors shine video onto the underside of the floor, and two infrared cameras detect where the players are standing. The floor is strong enough to easily hold eight heavy people at once. I led the team that designed and built the floor, and I also developed the programming toolkit for writing games on it.

To complement the multi-touch floor, we also created two games to be played on it. The first was a simple stomping game created specifically for our installation. In this game the players try to stomp and destroy as many "nanobots" as possible. The second game was a four-player, virtual air hocky game. For this game, the floor is actually used as a table, which is necessary in spaces with low ceilings. I led the programming and design of both of these games.

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