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Code Samples

All of my code samples are available on my Github. Most of the projects here do not have Git histories since they were not originally developed using Git.

C++: Gravity Defender is an iPhone game written in C++ using the iOS, openFrameworks, and Boost libraries. You can read more about the game and watch a gameplay video here.

Java: An implementation of Java's SortedMap interface using a B+ tree. It was written as part of my Data Structures course at the University of Maryland. My final grade in the course was an A.

C#: Threesus is an open-source C# A.I. that knows how to play the iOS/Android mobile game Threes. The github project contains C# source code that reimplements the gameplay logic of Threes as well as the expectimax-based A.I. that plays the game. I also wrote a blog post that describes how the A.I. works in plain English.

Python: Exploding Demon Bunnies vs The Eyeball Monster is a game written in Python using the Panda3D game engine. You can download and play the game here.

Unity3D: RGB is an experimental 1st-person puzzle game based on the idea that "if you can't see it, it doesn't exist", such that if your line of sight to an object is obscured, then the obscured object will no longer exist. You can read more about RGB or download it here. RGB was created using the Unity3D game engine, and all of the source code is written in C#. The source code files are in the Assets/Scripts folder.