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BattleBall is a Facebook game commissioned by the Dallas Mavericks and developed by Schell Games, the studio for whom I worked at the time. In BattleBall, players customize a basketball character and then challenge other players to "battles". In a battle each made shot or dunk damages the opponent's backboard. The first player to shatter the other's backboard wins the battle. Players influence the battles by purchasing various "gear" (shirts, pants, shoes, etc...) that give statistical bonuses and then outfitting their characters with that gear.

BattleBall was my first released game title as a professional game developer. I helped to program the game's user interfaces and back-end server logic. I also designed and built the games analytics tools which allow designers and other developers to chart gameplay trends (such as win percentage, gear equipped, games played, etc...) and then cross-filter those trends against certain variables (such as the player's level, number of logins, etc...).