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Hobbit Popper 3000

Download Game

The first computer game I ever made was called "Hobbit Popper". But alas, it no longer exists. This is its sequel. It is basically inspired by Space Invaders. The download here also includes the Hobbit Popper spinoff game, Chicken Chopper.

Installation instructions (sorry, these are complicated because I didn't know what I was doing back then):

  1. Download and extract (ArcShell stands for, I think, Arcade Shell, which I made supposedly as a platform on which similar arcade games could be developed.)
  2. Run setup.exe.
  3. Browse to the folder where you installed ArcShell.
  4. Extract and into that folder.
  5. Run ArcShell. If you have not properly extracted or, the program will give you an unfriendly error message. Also, you might get an error message about not being able to find the executable, in which case click "browse" and select ArcShell.exe.