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Thermonuclear Warfare on Catan

Download Rules (version 5)

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Ahh… Catan. The peaceful island flourished for several hundred years on healthy trade and an abundance of natural resources. Life was good, though a tad bit uneventful. But then, in the mountains of Catan an even more valuable resource is discovered. It is uranium, an essential ingredient in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Life won't be the same again. Can the once-peaceful trading nations on Catan resist the temptation to nuke the crap out of each other? Maybe, but probably not. That's where you come in!

Inspired by the movie War Games, Thermonuclear Warfare on Catan is a set of modification rules for the popular board game Settlers of Catan. Yes, the concept of thermonuclear warfare on a little island is pretty outrageous, but the game itself is a ton of fun!

Players start the game by taking turns placing villages and roads until the whole island is full. Then the nuclear age starts and the players may build nuclear missiles. Typically the mutually-assured destruction creates a Cold War-esque standoff, until one player is about to win the game and then the island turns into Hell.

Mechanics unique to this modification include nuclear retaliation, terrorists (instead of the robber), and global warming (water level rises).