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Nightmare Guardians

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Nightmare Guardians is a multiplayer action game developed by Rumble Games. The gameplay is a hybrid of the tower defense and M.O.B.A. genres. Imagine a tower defense game in which you're fighting off waves of monsters, not with fixed towers, but with League of Legends-esque hero characters that can run around and use powerful abilities. These characters range from the classically-buff superhero to a wild west gunslinger to a bewitching sorceress.

My role on the project was as its lead programmer. As its lead programmer, I implemented gameplay and metagame logic, created custom U.I. tools, implemented the A.I. for the companion/ally characters, wrote the low-level TCP networking, and created a custom scripting system for creating guided tutorials, among many other features. And as the manager of the engineering team, I mentored newer engineers, provided architectural guidance, organized code reviews, represented the engineering team in the feature review/sign-off process, and held weekly one-on-one meetings with the other engineers.

Nightmare Guardians is currently in limited BETA in a handful of regions.