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Thank you for downloading Enhanced Editor++!

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions (including for new features), or bug reports, please email me at the address below. I appreciate your feedback and will work hard to address any issues you may have. If I cannot address the issue you are having then I will gladly give you a refund.

Known issues:

  • A few variables of a couple built-in components cannot be remembered, batched, or copy-and-pasted. This is because they are not exposed by Unity to scripting.
  • Copying import settings of Materials, GuiSkins, and Cubemaps are not supported due to limitations and bugs in Unity.
  • If you switch scenes while playing the game, and then "remember" an object in that new scene, it will be impossible to apply changes made to that object after the game has stopped.
  • The Component Reorderer is currently in BETA has has some known deficiencies. Please see Component Reorderer user's guide for details.