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Release Notes


  • Fixed Unity 4 issue where remembering and copy+paste of a Transform's rotation wasn't working.


  • Fixed an editor hang bug when using the "Find usages in assets" feature.


  • Unity 3.5 components, such as the new particle system, are now fully supported.
  • Added feature to right-click on an object in the inspector and remember it.
  • Added feature to copy multiple components of the same type.
  • Menu commands are now stored in an easily-modifyable source file.
  • Removed the Inspector Batching and Import Settings Copier features because they are now native features of Unity3D 3.5.
  • Per Unity's request moved menu items to sub-items of existing menus:
    • Transform Copy & Paste commands are now located at the bottom of the Edit menu.
    • Find Usages commands are now located at the bottom of the Assets menu.
    • The Create Empty Child command is now located at the bottom of the GameObject menu.


  • Removed most source code files in favor of a single compiled .dll file. This should eliminate bugs with conflicting filenames. The old source code files will be automatically removed if detected.
  • Added preliminary support for most new Unity 3.5 components. Not all variables of all components are supported yet. Full support will come shortly after Unity 3.5 is officially released.
  • Fixed bug where batch modifications to prefabs sometimes were not saved.


  • Fixed bug where batch modifications to prefabs sometimes were not saved.


  • Added "Select All" and "Select None" buttons to the Clipboard window.


  • Added a major feature to quickly find all usages of any Unity object, component, script, or asset by other objects in either the scene or the Assets folder.


  • The Import Settings Copier for textures now properly copies platform-specific settings.


  • Can right click on texture, model, and audio importers to copy import settings en masse to all selected textures, models, and audio clips.
  • Added Component Reorderer.
  • Added a "Paste New" button to each component in the Clipboard that adds a new component instead of replacing the values in an existing component.
  • Added support for many previously-unsupported variables of built-in Unity components.
  • Added batching support for most types of assets.
  • Remembering of materials and meshes is now disabled by default. They can be re-enabled by selecting a check box in the Rememberer window.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • The Batcher no longer has its own window that has to be open for batching to work. Simple use the new Batcher menu.


  • Updated to support Unity 3.4.


  • Fixed a bug when applying remembered variables.


  • Fixed a bug where arrays weren't properly batched.


  • Fixed an issue where switching scenes while playing caused remembered objects to be forgotten.


  • Unity 3.2's Rigidbody.constraints property is now handled.


  • Fixed a bug preventing build from working on mobile platforms.


  • Fixed a bug where some custom components weren't being properly "remembered".


  • Fixed an exception bug with the Batcher.
  • The Batcher will now remember its enabled/disabled setting.
  • User interface for the Batcher moved to its own window instead of a menu.
  • Added a Remember Transform button to the Rememberer.
  • Remembering, copying, and batching Animations now works properly.
  • Extendable via static attributed methods.


  • Fixed a few issues related to undo functionality.


  • Added a Readme.txt file with detailed instructions.


  • An object's "active" property is now remembered by the Remeberer and is now also batchable.


  • Initial version.