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Enhanced Editor++ is a powerful extension for the Unity3D game engine that fixes many of the most annoying issues and deficiencies of the out-of-the-box Unity3D editor. As of version 2.6 there are five main features:
  1. The Rememberer - Solves one of the most annoying aspects of the Unity3D editor, which is that any changes made to an object while playing the game are forgotten as soon as the game stops. The Rememberer solves that by allowing you to "remember" the state of any object while playing and then "apply" the remembered state of those objects after the game has stopped.
  2. Component Copy & Paste - Allows you to copy & paste entire components at once, and works with both built-in components and custom scripts. An advanced "Clipboard" window allows you to select which individual variables will be pasted and even allows you to alter the values of those variables before they are pasted.
  3. Transform Copy & Paste - Allows you to copy & paste a game object's position, rotation, and/or scale using either local or global coordinates. Position, rotation, and scale can be pasted all at once or individually.
  4. Usages Finder - Quickly find all usages of any Unity object, component, prefab, script, or asset by other objects in either the scene or the Assets folder.
  5. Component Reorderer - This is an experimental feature currently in BETA that allows you to reorder the components on a game object. Please see it's description below for known issues.
Please see the support page for known issues.

The Rememberer

  • Edit objects while playing and remember those edits after stopping.
  • Can "forget" any edits to objects you don't want.
  • Can modify values of remembered variables before applying remembered edits.
See User's Guide.

Component Copy & Paste

  • Copy & paste entire components at once.
  • Either paste an entirely new component or overwrite the values of an existing component.
  • Works with both built-in and custom components.
  • Choose which variables are pasted.
  • Edit values of copied variables in the Clipboard.
See User's Guide.

Transform Copy & Paste

  • Copy & paste object transforms as either local or world coordinates.
  • Copy & paste position, rotation, and/or scale, either all at once or individually.
See User's Guide.

Usages Finder

  • Quickly find all usages of any Unity object, component, prefab, script, or asset.
  • Search inside either the scene or the Assets folder.
See User's Guide.

Component Reorderer

  • Use a simple interface to change the order of components in game objects and prefabs.
  • NOTE: This feature is highly experimental and is currently in BETA. It may not work perfectly in all cases.

Because the Component Reorderer is currently in experimental BETA, there are some known issues:

  • Batching does not work when reordering components.
  • Some components (such as the Flare Layer) cannot be reordered and may cause errors.
  • Any variable references that point to reordered components will be lost.
  • Some custom components may lose data when reordering, though this should be rare.
  • Changes to prefabs cannot be undone, even if there are errors during reordering. Back up prefabs first!
See User's Guide.